Monthly Archives: February 2014


Good news for February 2014, BMTrada have approved us for the ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and ISO18001:2007 Management System for “The crafting and development of specialist bespoke tarpaulins for Onshore, Offshore and Aquaculture industries in both the UK and abroad.”

Its been a very busy past year working towards this with the additional help from Rob Graham at QEM Solutions.

We are all delighted and should any customers present or future require copies of the certificates please let us know.



Tom Morrow Tarpaulins have been following the Darts leagues for a long time with us already sponsor Robert ‘The Thorn’ Thornton, Ian White and John Henderson.

We are now delighted to now be sponsoring Andy ‘The Hammer’ Hamilton.

We wish all the lads the best on the up-coming tournaments and hope to be attending a few of them in support.