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At Tom Morrow, we provide covers for a wide variety of industry applications. We also offer customised bespoke products made from high grade materials.

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Banners Trailer Covers Box Covers Sandpit Covers Canopies Winch Covers Large Screens Foam mats and Pads Tong Handles Training Dummies Ratchets and Straps Pickup Covers Pillow Tanks Welding Shelters Industrial Organisers Foam Gap Stoppers Large Tank Covers


Get your business noticed with one of our banners. Made for heavy duty PVC with your wording and logo.



Our trailer covers are made from heavy duty 610gsm PVC (can also provide 900gsm if preferred) 100% waterproof and will last for many years. Our trailers all have reinforced corners and supplied with eyelets and bungee cord or rope. We can also supply them with zips or velcro and corner cut outs.



Protect your items with a heavy duty cover that will last for years. All our covers are made from 610gsm or 900gsm waterproof PVC, they can have eyelets, bungee cord or rope. We can sew into the hem for an elastic edge if preferred.


Keep the children happy by keeping the sand dry when it rains, an easily removable cover for the sandpit.

A fitted cover made from heavy duty or extra heavy duty PVC with elasticated edge or eyelets and rope to tie down. Any shape and any size.


Skip Net Covers

Mesh net covers with reinforced edging and eyelets.



We make canopies for various types of vehicles from Argo canopies to forklift vehicles. Made to your specific instructions or we can help you decide what you require


Industrial/Winch Covers

These covers are made from 980gm PVC made to your spec. They can have detachable sides as per photo with zips or Velcro, or be fully enclosed for full protection. All can be supplied with eyelets and bungee


Large Screens

Large screens for use in industrial buildings, made from 610gm or 900gm heavy duty PVC.


Foam mats and Pads

Foam pads have a multitude of uses from gym mats to wall padding to seats. Your required thickness of foam is covered and completely sealed with PVC, a backing board can also be used. The foam pads can also have a lip round it for eyelets if required to be tied onto anything.


Tong Handles

This is a manouvering tool, not to be used for lifting. These are made from 50mm webbing with a plastic handle at one end and loop at the other. These can have a plastic handle at both ends if required.

We have 2 standard sizes of; 16" at a cost of £21.25 and 21" at a cost of £27.45

If you require another size just let us know.


Training Dummies

Our training dummies are manufactured using a 16ox rot-proof canvas with an inner core of extra strong nylon pockets filled with 8-10mm aggregate making up all body parts – arms, legs, chest etc.

Using a 30mm thick Flame Retardant Foam, this creates body simulation as needed for rescue situations.

All dummies have an outer cradle of Heavy Duty 50mm Webbing for guaranteed strength. A handle is situated at the back of the shoulders for ease of precession handling.

TM5 / Baby / 5kg / 0.70m

TM10 / Toddler / 10kg / 0.89m

TM20 / Youth / 20kg / 1.32m

TM30 / Light Adult / 30kg / 1.83m

TM40 / Standard Adult / 40kg / 1.83m

TM50 / Heavy Standard Adult / 50kg / 1.83m

TM70 / Heavy Adult / 70kg / 1.83m


Ratchets and Straps

Our ratchets and straps are made to order on site, we can make any size & any weight. Any end fitting supplied with hooks or rings.


Pickup Covers

Pickup covers, made from 610gm PVC. Bring in your vehicle for a made to measure service.


Pillow Tanks

We manufacture Water Pillow Tanks for usage at Airports etc.
Made to your specific size from 920gm PVC, these can have an extra insulated cover on top for the wintery weather. Please enquire for further details.


Welding Habitats/Shelters

These are made to you specific design and colour with windows, zips, etc. Made from extra heavy duty PVC.


Industrial key/wallet organiser

Made from PVC & plastic, separate holders for anything required. Portable, easily rolled up and has buckles to tie.


Foam Gap Stoppers

The gap stoppers are 2m long with handles at either end for fitting.
Used in the spinner of the Wind Turbines to stop the gap around the blade ends to prevent tools and other objects from being dropped through.


Large Tank Covers

These large tank covers are made from 900gm 2x2 Panama PVC fitted with 6 ton ratchets & straps & stitched onto 150mm PVC sleeves that are fitted to the cover for strength.

Depending on the size of cover will depend on the amount of straps required.


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